metrobasel is active in the fields specified in its statutes for maintaining and enhancing the international competitiveness of the Basel metropolitan region, namely:

- Regulatory environment affecting key sectors of the economy in the Basel metropolitan region
- Research and education
- Transport
- Energy and environment
- Territorial development and quality of life in the metropolis
- Cultural scene and the creative sector of the economy

The studies and projects initiated by metrobasel in the fields listed are usually carried out by companies specialised in research and/or consultancy and are closely accompanied by representatives of the metrobasel partners and experts in the particular field.

The results and recommendations arising out of metrobasel studies and projects are presented at organised events, and discussion is invited. In addition to the particular study report, which is made available to interested circles in metrobasel, the key contents are also channelled into other metrobasel publications, such as the metrobasel report or the metrobasel news.

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